Blessings Box

Facing Haggard Park on the corner of 15th Street and Ave H you will find this blessings box. This small box contains an enormous amount of God’s love and ours.

Take what you need
Bring what you can
Above all be blessed

This blessings box offers essential items to any who might need them. From packaged canned goods to socks to snacks, you can find it here. Whether you’re homeless, just having trouble making ends meet, or just got stranded at the park without a snack for a fussy kid… We hope people will take what they need and be blessed.

So if you need something, take it. If you have extra non-perishable items at home you can donate, simply come add them to the box. Our prayer is that this will simply be a way for Plano to truly be community – neighbors helping neighbors.

If you would like more information or if you have lots of items to donate, please contact our office. We store extra items and restock on a regular basis. 972-423-3260