Rev. Dr. Kyle Dennis

Senior Minister

Email: Office: 972-423-3260
Kyle Dennis grew up in the church. “The church has always been an important part of my life. My mother serves as a sign language interpreter in the church, my father has taught Sunday School for over 40 years, and both of my brothers are active in their congregations. My wife, Stacy, and I met in the 8th grade in the church youth group.” His call to vocational ministry came in his final year of college. “It was a powerfully transforming experience to struggle to understand my call to ministry. I wrestled with the same feelings of inadequacy that many people do. But I eventually arrived at the answer that I still operate under today: of course I’m not ‘worthy’ just in myself…but who is? However, since Christ has called me, He obviously thinks I’m worthy – and that’s enough.” Kyle received a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2002 and a Doctor of Ministry (in the Arts and Theology) from Wesley Theological Seminary in 2011. “The arts have played an important part in my life, in my ministry, and in my understanding of God. I believe that creativity is a unique way that we can experience God personally and I really enjoy inviting others into that experience.” Although he grew up in the Baptist church, Kyle found the Disciples while he was in seminary. “I had never even heard of the Disciples until I was an adult, but as soon as I found the denomination and became familiar with its emphases, I knew it was the right place for me. By honoring the role that both women and men play in church leadership, opening the communion table to all, recognizing that all believers are called to serve, and emphasizing the unity of all Christians (even when we disagree about some things), the Disciples of Christ is definitely the best home for Stacy and me.”