Within These Walls

Here at First Christian Church of Plano, our goal is to maximize ministry Within the walls of our building to raise up individuals to go into their communities and spread the Good News that is Jesus the Christ with all people. Below is a list of all of the organizations not started by First Christian Church of Plano that meet Within our walls.

New Hope Christian Academy - Viewing each child as a unique creation of God and designed for a specific purpose, the NHCA teachers and staff are committed to teaching truth, while facilitating the learning process. They work alongside parents to provide an exceptional education for each child attending New Hope Christian Academy. Our desire is for New Hope Christian Academy to be available for all families who desire Christian education, regardless of race, physical challenges, or economic limitations. Main Building
T.O.P.S – Take off pounds sensibly, or T.O.P.S is a weight loss program that does not rely on fad diets and exercise. Thursday @ 6:00pm Seeker’s Classroom
Alcoholics Anonymous – Alcoholics Anonymous or AA is a twelve step recovery program for those who suffer from alcoholism. BYOBB-Group Wednesdays @ 6:30pm One5Twenty Building
Jump Start for the Arts – Jump Start for the Arts is a summer art program that meets daily that encourages kids to see the world differently and to participate in fine art activities. https://www.artcentreofplano.org/