Giving and Donations

Welcome to On-line Giving for First Christian Church, Plano, Texas

We appreciate your support of our programs and ministries.  You may give via Credit Card, Debit Card or eCheck.   You have several options for frequency of giving and you can setup recurring contributions.   You can cover the transaction fees for your contribution which will allow the FCC Plano to receive your full contribution.   While we always encourage giving to support our programs, we do not want to contribute in any way to credit debt.   Therefore, if you choose to use your credit card then please do it wisely.   You may register on the site which will allow you to track your contributions.
You will have the several options for your contribution.  Please read the following information to make sure that you provide all the information necessary for your contribution to be accurately recorded   The options you have are as follows:
General Fund 
This is the operating budget of the church and the place for normal tithes and offerings.


Sanctuary Remodel Capital Campaign 
This is the three-year commitment for the Sanctuary Remodel Project that was completed in 2017.  The three-year commitment period runs from January 1, 2017 thru December 31, 2019.


Local Benevolence 
This is the fund that provides financial assistance to members of FCC Plano and provides money to the Assistance Center of Collin County to assist people in our community.
This is the fund to make a contribution in memory of someone.   Please provide the name of the person and if there is a specific program that the Memorial program should go to in the comments section.


Outreach – Disciples
The are several special day offerings for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and this is where you can donate to one of those special day offerings.
Outreach – Other
These are programs that are not related to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).


Youth Camps & Retreats
This is where you pay registration fees for Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) youth camps and retreats that are held at Disciples Crossing.   Please provide the name of the camper(s) in the comments section.